Advocate For Your Family

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” – Christopher Reeve

Music Therapy Advocate | Advocate for Your Family

Sometimes, we are thrown into the job of being advocates for those that we love: parents, children, partners. It can be frightening, intimidating and overwhelming. Whether they realize it or not, our loved ones are counting on us to support them and stand up for them, even in the face of our own feelings.

To find support when advocating for family, it’s helpful to turn to experts in the field. These may be found in books, online or even in your own circle of friends who have “been there, done that.” As you research the issue in need of your advocacy, reach out to others for support. You’ll need it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by those who will be there for you.


IDEA/PL 94-142 – Public Law 94-142, passed in 1975 provided free appropriate public education to all, regardless of level of ability. In 1990, it was renamed to the Individuals with Disabilities Act.

OAAOlder Americans Act enacted in 1965 and established the Administration on Aging to support a range of community services to help older adults remain living independently for as long as possible.

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